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Keeping Health & Safety our top priority, PetroSolutions is serving in 5 countries.

Petrosolutions is one of the leading solutions providers mainly to Oil & Gas, Petro chemical, Industrial, Construction, Manufacturing& Infrastructural development sectors. We have wealth of local and international experience with organizations of all sizes and we bring all that practical experience to our clients worldwide. We strongly believe that investing in human resources and protecting them is the most important factor to increase productivity and protect investments to the highest levels.

Our representative office based in kingdom of Saudi Arabia is operating in all major cities of kingdom. Our min areas of expertise are:

  • Training.
  • Consultancy.
  • Certifications.

Our goal is to continuously provide exceptional solutions that are based on thoroughly tested systems and advanced proven technology. These solutions are delivered at a reasonable speed and competitive cost. All our services are provided while insuring that our clients comply with national and international standards and legislation in lieu of protection and safety of workers, work environment and environmental management. The dedication and determination of its highly qualified team of consultants and staff who are expert in their field propelled petro solutions towards unprecedented growth founded with the objective and admirable spirit to generate concretize, performance, excellence and fulfillment of endeavors in terms of results in respected areas of expertise.

The company has developed a strong profile by achieving the following milestones.

  • Completely new approach to training and consultancy.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Providing world recognized international qualifications & certifications through renowned partners around the world.

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About PetroSolutions

Petro Solutions is one of leading solutions providers to mainly Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial, Manufacturing & Infrastructure development sectors.

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  • Address: P.O.Box # 133299, Jeddah - 21382, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: +966 (56) 656-6213
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  • Saturday - Wednesday: 9:00 am - 06:00 pm
    Thursday - Friday: Closed
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